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  1. Dom
    Dom2 years ago

    I know of a guy that drives his very young son two hours away every other weekend to visit his mom, even though it's not technically his responsibility. According to their agreement, she is supposed to come pick him up and drop him off. He does it because he loves his son and knows he will be devastated to lose his relationship with his mom. His son has no idea of the sacrifice his dad is making and likely never will.

  2. Memuro
    Memuro2 years ago

    I've gone to these places before, on numerous occasions. So I know exactly how it senses. The rush. It's so fucking hot. Awesome movie and I'm glad you had the testicles to risk recording it.

  3. Visar2 years ago

    Share what youhi

  4. Arashisar
    Arashisar2 years ago

    I have to stay silent and suffer so she will be blessed, and won't live her relationship with me as a problem.

  5. Nejin
    Nejin2 years ago

    Love that amazing body!

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